The origin of the name change

I used to call this blog “Out of My Head,” and I figured that it was appropriate, since the opinions and thoughts on the blog do, in fact, come out of my head. However, I didn’t think that it fully addressed the brand of weirdness that makes up my mental landscape.

I tried calling it “Even My Cat Thinks that I’m Crazy,” but I didn’t feel like it accurately summed up who I am or what I’m trying to accomplish with my blog.

Forunately, I hit upon inspiration when I had to attempt to scrub my daughter’s latest masterpiece off of the wall. Until I can think of an even better title, I’m going to call this blog “Crayoning on the Walls,” since my blogs are similar to crayon doodles on the wall. With time and practice, I hope that my metaphorical crayon doodles take the shape of art worth reading…and treasuring!

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