And so it goes…

I’m still applying for jobs, but the only places that have called so far are “insurance” companies that want me to to be a sales agent. I haven’t applied to these places; they just use bots to get my resume off of careerbuilder and When they call, they have no bloody clue who I am or what work I am looking for.

Anyway, I’m still trying to get WAH or local jobs. I’m even considering babysitting at this point–whatever it takes to pay the bills and keep the store going.

Speaking of which, I have also started setting up a shop on Cafe Press for gaming-related merchandise to tie into our bricks-and-mortar store. I need to whip up a few designs to share and sell, and I need to get that going right away. If Steve would go ahead and send me a copy of the official logo, I could get started on that right away. It’s fun to be indie…sort of, anyway.

It’s time to head storeward. Although we don’t open until 5, I am walking there, and I need to get over there before it gets dark and the unsavory types decide that a lone pregnant woman carrying a bunch of stuff is a good target.

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