“Wait a second…you’re not Serena!”

“Girl” at Japan school was 39-year-old man

TOKYO (Reuters) – A Japanese man was arrested for trespassing this week after turning up at a high school dressed in a girl’s uniform and a long wig, local police said.

Thirty-nine-year-old Tetsunori Nanpei told police he had bought the uniform over the Internet and put it on to take a stroll near the school in Saitama, north of Tokyo, on Wednesday, the daily Asahi Shimbun said.

When students standing outside the gates started to scream at the sight of him, he dashed inside the school grounds, hoping to blend in with the crowds of teenagers, the paper said.

They also screamed, forcing the man to flee, losing his wig in the process. A school clerk pursued him and stopped him at a nearby riverbank, the paper said.

Police confirmed the arrest of the man in school uniform and wig but declined to give further details.

(Reporting by Isabel Reynolds; Editing by Alex Richardson)

Apparently, Happosai is alive and well in Japan. I’m sure he would have stolen some bras and panties, given half the chance.

Who was this guy, anyway? A random otaku? A guy who likes his girls young and magical?

Anyway, good luck, Sailor Midlife Crisis. From what I understand of Japan, the schools don’t take too kindly to baka hentai scaring their schoolgirls.

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