Martin Page Music


Martin Page’s new album, “A Temper of Peace,” is available on iTunes right now.  Now, iTunes and I have never gotten along, and I have a CD version of “A Temper of Peace” winding its way here…but God help me, I’ve listened to the samples, and I want it NOW!

If it doesn’t arrive today, I think I’ll buy the downloads from CD Baby, since they give the most money to the artists whenever one of their albums is sold.  Money is tight, but Martin’s such a sweet, amazing guy that I’ve got no problem whatsoever giving him more money. 🙂

Oh, and when the Temple blogs are set up the way I need them to be, I’ll probably go ahead and review it.

I may have to wait on my new keyboard, though, since I still have to do copypasta from time to time to spell out words, and it kills my mood and my rhythm.