The Real Power of Positive Thinking, Law of Attraction, Etc.

I’m not sure how long this is going to be, and I may tweak it later, but I wanted to write this down to give some encouragement to folks who may be looking at positive thinking, the law of attraction, and all of those other concepts that try to get people to use faith and belief and optimism to move toward their goals.

None of the genuine programs want you to stop with just thinking.  Wishing really hard isn’t going to get you what you want.  Positive thinking isn’t going to make whatever you want land in your lap.

What it will do, however, is open your mind up to possibilities you may have never seriously considered, if you considered them at all.  When you think positively and expect good things to come into your life (and it’s not enough to say it–you have to genuinely believe that good things are coming), your subconscious will start keeping a lookout for those good things or paths to those good things.

And what happens when those ideas start to appear and those pathways start to open up?  You have to take action, of course.  It’s not enough to want and wish.  You have to seize the opportunities as they come, not wait for them to fall in your lap.  Sometimes they will, because life is full of surprises and sometimes you start out in a good position full of opportunities, but 99.9% of the time, you have to take action.


Unhappy Holidays–Tragedy Stalks Friends of Friends

This has been a rough holiday break for some friends of friends of mine.  While we were packing up for the big move and unwrapping Christmas presents, one of my boyfriend’s friends/coworkers lost his father on Christmas.  One of my sister Rachel’s coworkers lost her father on Christmas Eve.

And if that wasn’t enough, a friend of a friend lost her husband suddenly right after the new year started.  He lost his job on December 10, and they were struggling mightily financially.  They were both very, very worried about how to make ends meet and depressed as heck about their situation.

Here’s the link to the Go Fund Me for the lady who lost her husband, Rundes Nettes:

Please help if you can.  If you can donate, great!  If not, please share this with your friends.  If we can raise over $1 million for a bullied bus aide, surely we can raise $6k for a widow who can’t keep her home.


Delay, Delay, Delay

I haven’t written in a while, but there have been some big things happening in our lives.

1. I won NaNoWri Mo.  “Gray Street” is by no means finished, but I passed the 50000 word goal with a day to spare, and I find the story interesting enough to want to try and sell it.

2. My laptop died.  It will not start beyond the first screen.  I can access the bios and all, but I can’t get into Windows.  We are working on repairing it, and I am hoping and praying that we can access the data on its hard drive.  I have tons of work on there that I DO NOT want to lose and I’m not sure if I’ve backed up anywhere.

3. We moved.  We moved from Columbia, Missouri, to Kirksville, Missouri.  I miss Sam’s teachers and bus driver, and I miss my family, but I don’t miss being isolated, lacking space to work or play, or a lack of safe sidewalks between here and the grocery store or here and the town square.  There are lots of stores within walking distance, and there’s even a gym nearby!  I’m paying a bit more in rent and utilities overall, but it’s worth it for Sam to have the space to play, for us to have room for our books and other things without having a huge amount of clutter, and to be able to watch TV and play games without having to crawl over the bed to make it happen.

Best of all, my boyfriend is right here, and he is taking great delight in having Samantha and me close by.

I’m borrowing my boyfriend’s old laptop right now, but we should have my laptop back up and running soon (I hope!).  When that is done, I’m hoping to write more and show you more of the artwork I have been working on.  I haven’t done much, but I did send Martin Page a watercolor pencil doodle of a rose as a thank you for sending me an autographed picture, an autographed copy of “A Temper of Peace,” and a copy of the explanation of the symbolism in his Celtic Man icon.  (And yes, he liked it, per the kind note he sent me through Vanessa, his assistant.)

I have plans that are starting to come together, one moment at a time, but I have to be patient.

That being said, domestic duties await.  Onward!