I’m not doing as well at this as I’d hoped

Bad me! But I do have an excuse.

Several, in fact.

My Aunt Ruth, who was instrumental in introducing me to science fiction/fantasy and setting me down a path that eventually led me to write the first version of “Cygnet” when I was thirteen years old…which eventually led to my current project, “Mythos” and the character Anemone (AH-neh-moh-nee, not Anna Moan) del Cigne (yes, she’s a descendant of the original Cygnet–and I’ll get to that in the storyline eventually)…Aunt Ruth passed away unexpectedly at the end of April.

And a few days after her funeral, I almost lost my father, too. My father had been fighting an infection, and since pretty much all of my family is renowned for being stubborn (or tenacious, depending on your point of view), he wouldn’t go to the doctor. Fortunately, my niece noticed him trembling violently in a way that wasn’t typical of fever, and my dad lost the battle of wills against my sister and was taken to the ER. While there, they found that his infection was very widespread, and they alternated clindamycin and vancomycin (and as a former hospital employee, I know that they don’t haul out the big guns unless the bacteria is not susceptible to anything less powerful). They were also jetting it in at 250cc an hour per my sister (which, in layman’s terms, is pretty fast). His doctor said that if we had have waited even a day or two longer, the infection would have killed him. As it was, they also had to do surgery to remove the source of the infected tissue.

So, super.

Other than that, I’ve been working on finding work, taking care of my daughter, getting lost in books, getting lost in good music, taking pictures, making art, writing stories, walking, trying not to go too stir crazy at home, meditating, visiting with a counselor to figure out the root of what went wrong and fix it, and staring into space far too often.

Anyway, for some reason during the course of starting to heal, I got an overwhelming urge to revisit Martin Page’s music. I fell in love with it all over again, and I found myself wanting to share his work with everyone (but not in a piratey way). Alas, there were only a few “official” videos available for some of his more popular songs, so I found Windows Live MovieMaker and started cobbling together videos (starting with my photography) set to Martin Page’s music. I also started reading his blogs over again, and I found him absolutely endearing (I was especially taken with his description of dancing to Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” with Mr. Bear, his . Alas, he’s fallen off the blog wagon, but since he’s working on his third solo album, it’s understandable.