Domestic Dungeoneering: Meet the Party

We’ve lived in our current dungeon for a year. Our overall quest is to have the best lives possible. To that end, we want to be able to achieve a number of goals. Chief among those goals are to raise our children to be good people who can live independently as adults and make good choices. We also want to find the work we are meant to do and do it to the best of our abilities. In keeping with the fantasy RPG theme, let me introduce the party:

Michael: Party leader. Michael was a Fighter, but now he is a Druid. His primary mission in life is to help his fellow Fighters adapt to life outside of war. Michael’s experiences with war led to him spending a lot of time in a clinic healing. Many Clerics attempted to cure his wounds, but it was a Druid who was able to get to the heart of what was poisoning him, and Michael was healed. Since then, Michael has been learning the ways of the Druids.

Rebecca: Chief Dungeoneer. Rebecca is a Bard who specializes in Lore. She has worked with Clerics in clinics, but she prefers working from the dungeon, where she can ply her trade while caring for her children.

Sam: Rebecca’s daughter from a previous relationship. Sam has expressed interest in dual-classing as a Druid-Cleric in order to heal cats, but she seems to have a greater talent for being a Bard like her mother. Sam is extremely clever and good at finding loopholes in dungeon rules, which indicates that she has some Rogue qualities as well…or possibly Lawyer qualities. Sam’s father is a Lich, so she may have some innate abilities that would make her a fine Sorcerer.

Nem: Michael and Rebecca’s surprise baby. Nem has a maxed-out charisma score, a deep love of music, and a strong affinity for cats.

The Lord High Goof: Tony is a very large red tuxedo tabby who has an immense amount of energy and nigh-infinite patience with children. Sam is his favorite person, but he occasionally snuggles with Rebecca or Nem. Tony is obsessed with springs and getting Haru to play.

Her Most Noble Floofiness: Haru is a supersize tortoiseshell Ragdoll mix whose hobbies include sleeping and avoiding people when they are awake. Haru’s previous owners had her declawed and fed her indiscriminately, so she is obese. The arthritis in her damaged feet makes it hard for her to play, but she does try sometimes. She sometimes surreptitiously plays with Nem by laying on the back of the couch and tickling Nem’s face with her extremely floofy tail.

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