Domestic Dungeoneering: A Quest Appears!

I had to uninstall and reinstall WordPress because I accidentally moved or deleted something that should not have been touched at all.

So, after a long time of knowing I needed to do something about the broken website, I finally did something about the broken website.

I’ve also been working on getting some health issues under control. These health issues have interfered with my ability to do more than making sure that my husband and kids are fed and clothed. With the help of some good folks, I am getting into a position to be and do more.

Part of my transition into being the best me possible involves discovering (or possibly rediscovering) things about myself that have been buried under layers of trauma and neglect.

I’ve started reading a book called The Pathfinder because, other than being a mother and a wife, I feel pretty directionless. It’s a neat coincidence that The Pathfinder shares its name with an offshoot of Dungeons and Dragons. I used to play D&D when I had more time and a playgroup.

This is one campaign I’ve got to do on my own, though. Nobody has the answers I hope to find at the end of this quest. I hope to update this blog often as I embark on this personal journey to be both the best mother and wife I can be and do work that does more than earn a paycheck.

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