Unhappy Holidays–Tragedy Stalks Friends of Friends

This has been a rough holiday break for some friends of friends of mine.  While we were packing up for the big move and unwrapping Christmas presents, one of my boyfriend’s friends/coworkers lost his father on Christmas.  One of my sister Rachel’s coworkers lost her father on Christmas Eve.

And if that wasn’t enough, a friend of a friend lost her husband suddenly right after the new year started.  He lost his job on December 10, and they were struggling mightily financially.  They were both very, very worried about how to make ends meet and depressed as heck about their situation.

Here’s the link to the Go Fund Me for the lady who lost her husband, Rundes Nettes:

Please help if you can.  If you can donate, great!  If not, please share this with your friends.  If we can raise over $1 million for a bullied bus aide, surely we can raise $6k for a widow who can’t keep her home.

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