So far, meh

We actually had people here at the store on Friday and Saturday, and we’ve done better than what we expected, but not as good as we hoped. I’m still looking for something at home, especially since it looks like I’ll probably not make it past this next week no matter how hard I work or how much enthusiasm I show for what I am selling.

I really need to get in to see a doctor, but I am hesitant to go to the ER. Part of it is because I don’t want to seem like the raging hypochondriac that I am, and part of it is because I am terrified that there is actually something wrong. I have no idea what is “normal” at this stage of pregnancy, and I am under a ton of stress. I am so tired, and I sometimes get dizzy and have headaches when I work, but I attribute that to the crappy equipment that we have at my workplace.

In that vein, I can understand people being pissed off at being called by a telemarketer, but people need to understand that telemarketers have no choice about who they call. If you really want to hate someone for calling you at home, hate the client company that forces telemarketers to call you. If the client company has you on their list of people that they can call, then they will call you with offers. If you would just listen, you might hear that some of these offers are actually pretty decent. In addition, the client typically has telemarketers call so that they can test out new products on the customer base that they already have. Most of these products are released to the general public after their telemarketing runs, if the client determines that there’s a sufficient interest in the product or service.

Sure, it’s annoying to some people, but at the same time, you get to hear about something new that is usually pretty cool or free for a set amount of time so that you can check it out for yourself at no risk and no money out of your pocket, and then you call to let the client know what you think and decide whether or not you’d like to keep the product or service. Sometimes it’s a great value, and sometimes it’s not, but either way, the client gets to find out what appeals to the public and what doesn’t.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens next. I kind of want to get a phone line at the house so that I have something for inbound calling opportunities, but I don’t know how much they’ll charge. For now, I’m working on my applications for writing jobs at home. I think that those would work out best for me and the baby.

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